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The following business is an appointed associate and has been validated as Ethical, Honest and Truthworthy. These standards are based on B.B.O.A.'s determination of the attributes of a vetted black business. They incorporate not only lawful business practices, but also B.B.O.A.'s agreement with ethical marketing, selling and customer service. For a business to qualify for B.B.O.A. Appointment, it must continually meet our standards. Not all businesses will qualify for B.B.O.A. Appointment.

This success story is about…

Company Founder: Joni' Conore

Location: Houston, Texas

Company: The VIP Vault

Industry: Online Custom Manufacturer

My business is about motivation. I watched my father build his business up from scratch back in 2008 hit my home for me. He has always loved to do his own thing, and despite the route of business ownership not being the easiest, he’s always shown me that you can reach your dreams and do whatever you want to do, if you have persistence, ambition and passion to do it. 


My company, The VIP Vault, specializes in online custom products and manufacturing. We help other entrepreneurs to achieve success via the multiple online channels we partner with to reach consumers. My main areas of expertise are on the processes of manufacturing, and empowering others to move into this industry. My website is the new shop window, and we help retailers with potential customers walk through, or shall I say, ‘click through’ your shop window in The VIP Vault.


In closing The VIP Vault is a company thats built on inspiring the new generation to use their creativity and imagination to bring products to reality.  I.C.C. - B.B.O.A. is honored to validate and showcase this Industry Associate business as Ethical, Honest & Trustworthy.  Kemo Sevin, Association Chairman & Chief Eexcutive

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