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icc bboa award


The I.C.C.-B.B.O.A. Award for Consumer Ethics & Service is an award that recognizes our black business organizations that have established practices to elevate their commitment to ethical customer service operations. The award not only promotes the importance of building professionalism, but also celebrates the willingness and efforts made by outstanding black organizations to help contribute to an honorable and trustworthy marketplace.

Why receiving I.C.C. - B.B.O.A. Award is important? 

Along with elevating your business among its peers, receiving the I.C.C. - B.B.O.A. Award yields these benefits: 

  • Recognition as an award winner in press releases, social media, local advertisements, and  BBOA’s website.

  • To facilitate validation as an ethical community business resource.

  • To identify and award achievement in black business growth, profitability & sustainability.

  • An opportunity to showcase your business as Ehtical, Honest & Trustworthy

  • To build cultural investment understanding and promote equity of black business ownership.


Award Criteria

Award selection for I.C.C. - B.B.O.A. Award for Ethics is based on the following criteria:

  • Business Standards

  • Business Operation

  • Business Growth Stats


The following criteria must be met and maintained throughout the I.C.C. - B.B.O.A. Award process:

  • Must be in business a minimum of 1 year.

  • Business registered in the United States.

  • Must be a I.C.C. - B.B.O.A. Associate for 6 months, and in good standing with the association.  

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